Terms and conditions of use.

In order to request and buy goods from skate4create.com shop, a client has to be registered at skate4create.com website first of all by creating and entering a registration name and a password.
Skate4create.com confirms that the fact of registration means that a client will not receive any informational messages except those that are necessary to complete an order and delivery of goods. If a client wishes to receive skate4create.com newsletters there is an option to choose it. If a client wants to order goods, then some personal information to complete a delivery process should be provided: name, surname, delivery address, telephone number, other data needed for delivery. skate4create.com confirms that this data will be used exclusively for the ordering and delivery of goods. Skate4create.com is obligated not to disclose this information to third parties except skate4create.com partners that provide delivery or other services related to completing the process of orders. Exceptions in disclosure of any other type of client’s information to third parties in all cases are coordinated with a client. In all other cases, any kind of personal data can be disclosed only according to the legal acts of Lithuanian law.
By registering at skate4create.com shop and ordering goods a client takes the responsibility to protect and not to disclose his login data. Also, a client confirms that he is an adult and has a right to order goods at skate4create.com In case when a client discloses his login information skate4create.com is freed from any responsibility related to this act.

Guarantees and pricing

Characteristics of items are written by each item in skate4create.com online shop. skate4create.com indicates and a client agrees that he is familiar with the fact that goods described in the shop and their color, form and other parameters can be different from their real color, form and other parameters because of monitor’s characteristics. A client agrees to pay the fee generated after placing an electronic order. skate4create.com sells goods according to conditions set in the order. In case when delivered goods mismatch certain conditions of the order, a client agrees to immediately inform skate4create.com undertakes all needed activities to eliminate defects if they arose on behalf of skate4create.com or third parties that represent it.

skate4create.com goods related liabilities:

skate4create.com is liable of delivering goods of appropriate quality and according to the conditions set in the order. skate4create.com is liable of providing the quantity of goods that was set in the order. skate4create.com is not responsible for delivering incorrect quantity of goods when a client enters incorrect number in his order at skate4create.com. In all cases skate4create.com delivers an assortment of goods according to criteria of the order. In cases when an order supposes to comprise a certain package of items, skate4create.com is liable of delivering all items that comprise that package. Goods are packed according to they characteristics and with an aim to prepare them for a proper use.

Terms and order of payment

A client pays for ordered goods byone of the ways provided at skate4create.com shop. A client agrees to pay for ordered goods immediately otherwise he becomes except from the right to lay any claims about violations of delivery terms because a package of goods on the basis of client’s order is formed only after skate4create.com receives a payment for goods.


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Skate4create.com account

Customers are responsible for their accounts or our website and for the information they provide us with.

A customer must not use the account unlawfully or rudely or in other ways that may cause harm to skate4create.com We leave ourselves the right to remove or suspend your account if we notice any signs of suspicious activity. Using someone else’s skate4create.com account without their permission is strictly prohibited.

Use of the Website

We forbid you to use this website for any of the following purposes:

  • Breaching any laws or uploading unlawful, vulgar, or abusive material
  • Interfering with others’ use or enjoyment of this website in a negative way
  • Copying designs or other content that is Skate4create intellectual property
  • Using content uploaded by other customers without their permission

You will be responsible for Skate4create losses if you breach this provision.

Your Content on Our Website

We are not responsible for any content you submit, post, or display on or via Skate4create.com website. We cannot evaluate all the customers’ content uploaded to the website, and we are not responsible for it.


We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions. You should periodically review this agreement to be fully aware of the updates.


If you damage your phone (or any other things) or get hurt by using our product (get cut or in other ways hurt yourself or others), we are not responsible for that, so please use our products with caution.


Should you have any questions, please contact us here, and we will address all your concerns.