skateboards. ressurected

Who is Skate4create ?

We are an independent, skateboarders owned and operated studio/brand based in Vilnius, Lithuania. We have continuously recycled skateboards and given them a second chance since 2014.

Quality & Sustainability

Our motto and purpose. Our all goods are handcrafted from old, broken, snapped, or discarded skateboard decks. Close to 2 million broken skateboard decks go to landfills each year. We collaborate with skateshops, skateparks, skateboard communities to collect and recycle every board into high-quality, unique goods.

Everything done in-house

Everything is made & handled by us. You will hardly find brands that handcraft their goods and take care of all their operations from start to finish. This way, we can keep up to our standards and provide the highest quality goods with the best customer experience.

Furthermore, it’s not easy to find companies who honestly care about their customers&supporters as we do. We’re grateful for every one of you – and you guys are the reason we’re able to keep doing this. That’s one of the reasons why we strive to do our best to listen.


If you have any questions or suggestions on how we could improve, feel free to hit us up on Instagram or via email.