About us

I am skateboarder from Vilnius, Lithuania. I make handmade jewelry and accessories from broken skateboard decks. Skate4create is a 100% skater own and run DIY business est. 2014. Being skater i know that skateboarding is not just sport, it is a lifestyle, passion, a view to world from different angle. I am proud to be a part of skateboarding culture, recycling and art. Almost all skateboards are from 7ply hard maple. Some maple layers are dyed in different colours depending manufacturer. We collect skate decks from local skaters, skate parks, skate shops, friends and recycle to handmade jewellery, accessories and other things.

Custom orders available: info@skate4create.com


Have pile of boards?

You have pile of broken, used and snapped skateboard decks in your room, garage or anywhere else waiting to be used, holding them to remember good times? Better way to do that is to recycle your old deck to functional jewelry or accessories! We can trade you new skateboard deck or jewelry/accessories for your old skateboard decks! 

We work on a points system where snapped and snapped boards are worth 5 points and boards in one piece are worth 10 points.

More info here.