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We are skateboarders from Vilnius, Lithuania.   Our mission is to reduce waste and reuse&recycle skateboards.   

We make jewelry, accessories and other multifunctional pieces out of recycled skateboards.

We believe in hard work, quality, and passion for skateboarding.

Skate4create is a 100% skater own and run DIY business est. 2014. Being skaters we know that skateboarding is not just sport, it is a lifestyle, passion, a view to the world from a different angle. We are proud to be a part of the skateboarding culture, recycling, and art. Almost all skateboards are from a 7ply hard maple. Some maple layers are dyed in different colors depending manufacturer. We collect skate decks from local skaters, skate parks, skate shops, friends and recycle to handmade jewelry, accessories, and other things.